The Asian Networkers Convention & Expo (ANCE) is the largest networking event in the world, which is geared towards maintaining a high level of commitment, cooperation, professionalism, and advanced initiatives among distributors through education and series of seminars. This event is focused on uniting the network marketing industry as one unit, eliminating the prejudices and negative image that the public has in the industry.

The event provides vital insights to learn from the experts, leaders, and trainers about the latest trends and developments in network marketing while making new Asian partners and around the globe.

Join us to be part of the upcoming Asian Networkers Convention & Expo in greater detail. Get the chance to see how we are organized as a community and generate better leads as you interact with the industry gurus and know how business strategies impact the world from our convention activities.

Also, our conventions hold prestigious red carpet gala dinners and awards nights that highlight the contributions of top-notch leaders from different countries, local government representatives, celebrities and professionals in the network marketing industry. Local media are invited to document the ANCE list of activities.

Role of World of Professionals
ANCE is part of the initiatives of World of Professional Organization Ltd’s commitment to educating and refining professionals to embrace innovations through related activities and conferences.

World of Professionals is an independent international organization that provides a platform for professionals in diverse sectors or industries that are focused on engaging and empowering organizations through business and education.

We have a team of leaders from all over the world who think alike and support the World of Professionals’ vision to promote change in the world through our various professional backgrounds. We are headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

ANCE Convention Objectives

  • To strengthen the network marketing industry, which has been in existence for the past 70 years
  • To educate distributors, networkers, marketers, and other professionals on the industry’s ethical standards.
  • To empower and educate people on different employment opportunities to achieve financial freedom.
  • To bring together the best network marketing industries on one platform.
  • To recognize the contributions of network companies and leaders who have made a mark in the industry.

Be a Member Today!
We welcome the following:

  • All direct selling and MLM distributors who are eager to learn and be mentored by the legends.
  • All direct selling and MLM companies that are open to meet and interact with the big players and newcomers in the industry so as to promote camaraderie and cooperation.
  • Global companies that are willing to explore opportunities and share a similar vision of expanding their operations in the Philippines and nearby Asian countries.
  • Distributors who aspire to meet the “Who’s Who” of the network marketing and direct selling industry.