The Team

The team behind ANCE

Shahin Noble Pilli

Mr. Shahin Noble Pilli is the man behind World of Professionals, Thailand Professionals, International Association of Higher and Secondary Education, and the founder of Asian Networkers Convention and Expo. He has earned his spot at the top by providing quality seminars and conferences for professionals in various field of expertise. He is also a sought after Multi-Level Marketing consultant, having big companies all over Asia as clients.


Tom ``BIG AL`` Schreiter
TOM BIG AL started his career in network marketing back in 1972; he has authored six books on recruiting. Tom Big Al Conducts one- and two-day Power Marketing & Promotions Workshops, an intensive, hands-on seminar on guerrilla and alternative marketing strategies in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Keynote speaker at company conventions. Lectures on network marketing, motivation, publishing, computer database marketing, database design and applications, and mail order promotional techniques.’’

Robert Butwin
Chief Advisor

Robert Butwin has been in the business for thirty years, and has work as the top distributor for many Network Marketing company. He is currently a renowned mentor, and life coach for Network Marketing. We are pleased to announce that he is part of the team who made ANCE 2015 possible. Mr. Butwin currently resides in the USA.


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