Top Reasons

Reasons to Attend ANCE 2018

1. MOTIVATION. Opportunity to revive through inspira- tion and fresh ideas as we bring the topnotch speakers from marketing, sales, team building and beyond to inspire you and help you infuse new ideas into your business.

- 3 days of ANCE sessions led by some of the most sought after innovative legends from around the world.

3 LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Attend to learn more and be ahead from others. By investing your time at the ANCE you will gain valuable knowledge and skills which will help you in your personal business. Our topics and activities at the convention focuses on the latest emerging trends and solutions to give you the advantage in the network marketing business.

4. MEET AND GREET. Meet with the brilliant minds that we gather in one venue. Making friends from around the world who belong to the same industry and learn new trends from speakers and experts who will be there for 3 days. Talk with exhibitors to learn how they get the most from their programs. At ANCE, there are endless opportunities to make connections, meet new people and share the passion for 3 days. There will be brainstorming and daily social events.

5. TOPICS AND CONTENT. These are handpicked by the ANCE organizers and host. Our sponsors or well wishers don't control the flow of information during the convention sessions; the topics and titles are set by our editorial board driven by years of experience and challenges on making the content different each year.

6. INCREDIBLE VALUE FOR MONEY. Hiring any of our speakers or coaches to get the same insight will cost you thousands of dollars; the Convention fee is a snip in comparison. What's more, every member who buys the ticket for ANCE will get a free content from our speakers which is valued at 899 USD. Early registration will get to enjoy discounts.

7. EDUCATION. It empowers yourself as it is the best way to grow your business and company. Empower yourself. Do you want to lead change? Or be led by it? Staying on the cutting-edge means better opportunities for career advancement and personal fulfillment by changing lives. But it also requires learning about new opportunities and challenges. And ANCE provides that.

8. THE VENUE AND THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE CONVENTION. We value the time, effort and money of both our local and international attendees by providing a memorable and productive event in a world class venue. That's why we choose the best location here in Manila - a place that seamlessly mixes business with pleasure.

9. VIP EXPERIENCE. Enjoy a VIP treatment and entertainment. Once you've soaked in from the keynotes and breakouts, you'll then realize that the day is far from over. Use the evenings to meet the sponsors and speakers as well as the top earners from different companies. Remember: "Being with a Winner makes you a Winner".

10. UNWIND AND RELAX. The Convention & Expo agenda allows for flexible free time to relax with optional local sightseeing and shopping near the venue.


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